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Computer Motherboard

How to Clean a Motherboard

Over time, dust and other debris (especially residue left behind from cigarette smoke) can build up inside the computer. This can cause corrosion of the computer circuitry which in turn can cause a number of computer problems including computer lockups.

You should have basic computer knowledge of the different computer parts if you are going to attempt to clean the inside of your computer and the computer motherboard. You also need to know how to take the proper precautions to eliminate electric static discharge while inside the computer since this can damage the parts inside. If you don't feel 100% secure in how to do this, you should not try cleaning the computer motherboard yourself.

The best way to clean dirt, dust, hair and any other debris that has accumulated on the computer motherboard is to use compressed air. When using compressed air to clean the motherboard, it's vital to hold the compressed air can in the correct, up-right position. If you tilt the can or turn it upside down, the chemicals in the compressed air container can release from the container and these have the potential to due significant damage to the motherboard and other internal parts. To make sure that the dirt and debris doesn't accumulate in greater quantities inside the computer, be sure to use the compressed air to blow the debris away from the motherboard and outside the computer, not deeper into the computer.

Another way to clean the motherboard and inside of your computer is to use a hand-held, battery powered vacuum cleaner (DO NOT use an electric powered vacuum as it can produce static electricity which can damage the computer parts). The battery powered vacuum needs to have enough suction to remove the debris that has accumulated so it doesn't just get rearranged within the case. Be sure to not to make contact with the motherboard and other computer parts when using the vacuum by holding the vacuum a few inches away from from these parts. Pay extra attention to the areas around fans as debris tends to accumulate in a greater degree in these areas.

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